Location and access to Allianz Arena

check.png Allianz Arena Location

The Allianz Arena is located on the outskirts of the city. Situated on Werner-Heisenberg-Allee, 25, in the Fröttmaning neighborhood, in north Múnich. The leading teams disputing their matches here are the FC Bayern München y TSV 1860 München. Both played previously at the Munich Olympic stadium; this wasn't remodelled in time and gave way to the construction of the Allianz Arena. Inaugurated in 2006, some of the more stand out events held there include the FIFA World Cup, The UEFA 2011-2012 Champions League final, The 2011 Audi World Cup, and in upcoming 2020 EuroCup. 

stadium_address_marker Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25, 80939 München - Germany

In spite of owing it's name to the german insurance company Allianz, principal partner of the project and sponsor owning name rights to the stadium under a 30-year-agreement, this infrastructure is popularly known as the Schlaughboot (in english, the inflatable boot) for it's shape.

The Allianz Arena offers 66,900 seats distributed in three levels completely covered by awning. Of which, 3,400 are executive seats, 106 are VIP box seats, and 1400 are located next to the playing field. This stadium also boasts 165 seats dedicated to the physically challenged. The highest level of the Allianz Arena has an inclination of 34 degrees, assuring visibility from any seat. The external architecture of the stadium is composed of metal panels. Each one with the capacity to independently illuminate itself in red, white, or blue. The objective being to illuminate each game with respect to the local team participating in the match, including the german selection.
The Allianz Arena offers 28 kiosks and 2 restaurants where one can purchase the typical Bavarian regional delicacy of  Bratwurst sausages. Additionally, the stadium offers an official memorabilia store where products from both teams can be obtained as well as a LEGO club for children. 

check.png How to get to the Allianz Arena Stadium

Various options are available for arrival to Allianz arena:

Resultado de imagen de metro png With Public Transport

Take the S-Bahn from the Múnich main station or from this station until Marienplatz, where visitors can transfer to the U6 metro line, direction Garching-Hochbrück. The destination stop is Fröttmaning, with an estimated arrival time of 15 minutes. Afterwards, visitors are recommended to walk to the stadium via Esplanade, passing by the Haupteingang Sud (south main entrance) and following the indications to FC Bayern Erlebniswelt / Arena Touren. The walk takes about 10-15 minutes.

Resultado de imagen de bicicleta icono By Bicycle

The Allianz Arena offers easy access for those arriving on two wheels. The route via Marienplatz from the city centre is 10.7 km of generally flat terrain. The indications along the cycle-route are integrated in the Munich Radlnetz cycling network and are visibly equipped with both the symbol for football, the stadium logo itself and the remaining distance to be covered.

Allianz Arena car access  Resultado de imagen de bus logo png  By Car or Bus

It's recommendable that visitors follow the indications found in the city centre, and along the motorways and parking areas. Once near the stadium's periphery, following the indications to reach the designated parking areas.

  • If arriving from the east via the A8 (Stuttgart-Munich) change to the A99 at the exit for Munich-Eschenried and follow until Múnich-Fröttmaning-North (AS 12b).

  • If arriving from the north via the A9, from Nuremburg towards Munich, follow the indications at the Neufahrn highway crossing, along  the A9 until Munich- Fröttmaning-South (AS73) or along the  A92 until Múnich-Feldmoching. From there follow the A99 direction Salzburg until the exit Múnich-Fröttmaning-North (AS 12b). To avoid the habitual traffic jam at Múnich-Fröttmaning-South, follow indications  at the Neufahrn crossing.

  • If arriving from the Franz Josef Strauß airport: take the A92 toward Munich and then the Fröttmaning exit. The estimated time for the trip is 25 minutes (about 30 kilometers in distance).

  • If arriving from the south or east using the A99, change to the A9 direction Munich at the exit of Munich-North, and continue until the exit at Múnich-Fröttmaning-South (AS73).

  • If already within the city, take the A9 (Múnich-Nuremberg) until the exit at Munich-Fröttmaning-South (AS73) or follow the  Ingolstädter Strasse until the crossing at Munich-Neuherberg. Then take the  A99 and continue toward the exit at Múnich-Fröttmaning-North 12b.

check.png Access to the Seats

Your entrance to the Allianz Arena contains the following information:

  • Firstly, visitors will see who FC Bayern Múnich faces on the respective day.

  • As in the majority of stadiums, the Allianz Arena identifies its entrances by either end or lateral and their respective orientation of (north, south, east or west).

  • Zone. Below the team against whom the local club is disputing the match, is the zone of the Allianz Arena where the visitors seats are located. Each end or lateral area is divided into diverse zones. This permits the visitors to know whether their seats are located together with the local fans or the visiting team.

  • “Block” or block. Independently of whether the seat is located in end or lateral, the stadium is divided into blocks. These are indicated by both a letter and a number, for example B13.

  • “Reihe” or row. The Allianz Arena offers various rows of seats per block. These are identified by numbers, for example, 5.

  • “Platz” or seat. The seats at the Allianz Arena, as in other stadiums, are distributed in different rows: finding yours once locating the row is the easiest part; these come numbered, for example, 1. 

check.png Safety regulations for access to the Allianz Arena Stadium

The Allianz Arena specifies which objects are permitted within the stadium, which others are restricted and which may incur a sanction. Among items which may be confiscated during controls are liquids, bottles, and thermoses; backpacks and bags exceeding the A4 size; laser pointers; cans and sprays of any kind; knives and of any or all sizes; lighters (when carrying more than one); banners or posters with messages or slogans considered politically or religiously offensive; fruit of any kind; professional photography or recording equipment; portable batteries and selfie sticks; megaphones; umbrellas with metal parts; motorcycle helmets; etc.
Within the permitted elements in the stadium are photographic cameras with standard lenses, without tripods and other professional accessories. Furthermore, there is no prohibition for flags, drums allowing for inspection of their interior, empty and transparent plastic bottles (up to max 0.5L), cushions, blankets (in the winter months), umbrellas without metal points, and clearly labelled medicines. Articles whose entrance must be previously authorized by pertinent department by up to a week prior include objects relating to team support, such as posters, flags flown by fans, flyers, pamphlets, or confetti, and such.
On the other hand, personnel at Allianz Arena are required to advise police when locating the following: pyrotechnic devices or rockets of any kind, flags or symbols containing nazi symbols, knives, weapons, pills or powder in plastic bags.
Finally, fans demonstrating any dangerous, violent, threatening, or inadequate behavior for the security of other attendees are subject to expulsion from the field.