Location and access to Camp Nou

CheckCamp Nou Location

The Spotify Camp Nou stadium is located in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona, very close to Avenida Diagonal, one of the major avenues of the city, which crosses it from end to end.

stadium_address_marker Avenida Aristides Maillol 12, 08028, Barcelona - Spain

CheckHow to Get to Camp Nou

Resultado de imagen de tram logo pngResultado de imagen de logo trambaix png Tram

500 meters away from Camp Nou there is the tram stop Avinguda de Xile/Camp Nou of the modern tramway of Barcelona. From this stop you can reach the Francesc Macià plaza in just a few minutes. After the matches, the service usually gets increased to accommodate the influx of passengers.

 Resultado de imagen de metro barcelona simbolo png Metro

Two different metro lines reach the Camp Nou stadium, L3 (stops Palau Reial and Les Corts) and L5 (stops Badal and Collblanc). Depending on your access gate into Camp Nou, it is recommended getting off at different stops:

Access 1 - 10: Palau Reial (L3), approx. 11 minutes walk

Access 11 - 16: Collblanc (L5), approx. 7 minutes walk

Access 17 - 18: Badal (L5), approx. 6 minutes walk

Access 19 - 21: Les Corts (L3), approx. 8 minutes walk

 Resultado de imagen de metro png tmb Bus

The following bus lines pass by the Camp Nou stadium:

D20, H6, H8, 7, 33, 54, 56, 57, 59, 63, 67, 68, 70, 75, 78, 113, 157 & L12 

Night buses, running all night: N2, N3, N12, N14

Camp Nou car access Car

It is not recommended going to the Camp Nou stadium by your own vehicle. Due to massive affluence of attendees, it is difficult to park your car at a reasonable distance.

CheckAccess to Your Seat

Your ticket to see FC Barcelona has the following information:

Camp Nou Ticket

There are four areas of the Camp Nou stadium:

- the tribune (Tribuna), situated towards Av. Arístides Maillol
- the longside (Lateral), towards Carrer de la Maternitat
- the North goal (Gol Nord), on Av. de Joan XXIII
- the South goal (Gol Sud), on Travessera de les Corts

Camp Nou access

At the same time, each of these four areas is divided in three levels or stands, with the first stand being closest to the pitch and the third, the highest and farthest. Besides, every area of the stadium has its access (21 access) and gates (107 gates)

Let's see what each number means, so you can reach your seat without any problem:

Camp Nou access signboard

Access (Accés): this is the access gate to the stadium from the street. Even if on your ticket the access number closest to your gate will show up, it is not compulsory that you enter the stadium through it. You can use any access gate, you only need to show you have an official ticket (no need to validate it at this time). The access numbers show up in red on the vertical panels around the entire stadium.

Camp Nou gate

Gate (Porta): this is the gate through which you must enter the stadium. The gate number appears on a red-light panel located right above the gate. In this case it is compulsory that you enter through the correct gate, which is mentioned on your ticket. You must also pass your official FC Barcelona ticket on the barcode reader. If you have any issue, do not worry, personnel from the Club are always present, ready to help you.

Camp Nou Entrance

Entrance (Boca): you are now inside the Camp Nou stadium. You will stop in a hallway which goes around the access to the stands. Now you must find your entrance, the place inside the stadium through which you must reach the sector where your seat is. The entrance numbers are shown in yellow on a horizontal panel, located above each access.  

Camp Nou row

Row (Fila): this is the row where your seat is. The identifying numbers are located on the side of each row’s seat and follow a consecutive order, from the lowest to the highest.

Camp Nou seat
Seat (Seient): the seat number is marked on the chair. Please take into consideration that the seat numbers are split into odd and even. When you access from your corresponding Entrance, you will find the odd numbers on one side and the even numbers on the other side of the aisle. Find your number… and enjoy the match!


Camp Nou seating plan:


Camp Nou seating map

CheckSecurity Norms at the Stadium

The norms and instructions of the FC Barcelona Club to access the Camp Nou stadium are the following:

  • It is forbidden to introduce or to display banners or flags which show symbols or signs that could incite to violence or xenophobia.
  • It is forbidden to introduce any type of weapon or object which could be thrown or which could be used as a weapon. Any person who tries to introduce objects like drums, trumpets, loudspeakers, etc. will be denied entry to the Stadium. Small, foldable umbrellas are normally allowed. 
  • It is forbidden to introduce any team flag mounted on a big-dimension stick. The small flags with plastic sticks, flexibles and empty on the inside, could be authorized.
  • There are no official lockers or similar places within the Stadium to leave any type of object, so it is highly recommended you do not bring any objects which could be denied entry to the Stadium. If you bring any of these forbidden objects, it is recommended that you leave them at your hotel to avoid the risk of having to throw them away when entering the Stadium. 
  • It is forbidden to introduce or sell alcoholic drinks within the Stadium.
  • - Any recipient that a spectator wants to introduce within the Stadium must comply with the following norms of rigidity, volume and weight: recipients/bottles without a cap and not bigger than 500 ml in capacity, and must be made of soft plastic. There will also be forbidden within the Stadium objects which weigh more than 500 grams and which could be dangerous if used as projectile.
  • Petards, fireworks or any explosive devices are strictly forbidden within the Stadium. Anyone who tries to introduce any such object will be denied entry to the Stadium and will have their ticket confiscated.
  • It is also forbidden to bring to the Stadium any object that might have a fire risk (toilet paper rolls, big paper billboards, etc.).
  • It is forbidden to introduce laser pointers, animals or professional photo or video cameras.
  • Any person who is considered to be drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will possibly be denied entry or could be expelled if they cause disturbance once inside the stadium.

Besides the above guidelines referring to entry, the fans are reminded that it is forbidden to launch any type of object towards any part of the Stadium, or among the spectators.

Starting with January 2012, FC Barcelona prohibits smoking within the Camp Nou stadium. This prohibition applies to the stands, to the exits and generally to the entire interior of the Stadium.

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