Location and access to RCDE Stadium

CheckRCDE Stadium Location

The RCDE Stadium, also known as the "El Prat - Cornellà Stadium “or "Corneprat", is the Real Club Deportivo Español´s stadium. It is located in Avinguda del Baix Llobregat, 100, between the Barcelona towns of Cornella de Llobregat and El Prat de Llobregat. It was inaugurated in August 2009, although the selection of these new headquarters took several years. In the past, this team played its matches in the Sarriá Stadium, its home stadium, which it left in order to establish itself temporarily in the Stadium of Montjuïc, until the end of the construction works at the RCDE Stadium.

stadium_address_marker Av. del Baix Llobregat 100, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona - Spain

The RCDE Stadium, a 4 stars category stadium, according to the UEFA, features a capacity of 40,500 spectators and an area of 182,000 square meters, of which 36,000 square meters are intended for sports purposes. The match field measures 105 x 68 meters and contains natural grass. The stadium is divided into two sectors: the stands and the ring surrounding them. The end sectors of the stadium are named Gol Prat and Gol Cornellã, after the goals and to honour the citizens of Barcelona who are located closer to this point.

The RCDE Stadium features several VIP zones: President Club, Corporate Club and Executive Club. The President Club features 271 stands, the Executive Club offers 36 boxes on the intermediate sector of the Presidential Tribune and the Corporate Club contains 1.200 locations, spreads between the 2 goals and the lateral tribune of the intermediate sector.

Additionally, this stadium has 27 bars, a parking area with 3.278 available lots, 24 radio booths and 133 seats for the press. There is also a shopping center annexed to the facilities of the Espanyol and a memorial area at the disposal, as a cemetery, for those members who wish to deposit the funeral rests of their relatives. The RCDE Stadium was built according to the accessibility criteria of people with reduced mobility and the standards of energy efficiency (the cover is equipped with photovoltaic panels).

CheckHow to Get to RCDE Stadium

There are several options you can choose from in order to access the RCDE Stadium:

RCDE Stadium FGC access Ferrocarril de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)

The Cornellà Riera station is located in just 5 minutes walking distance to the stadium. The more distant Almeda station is an 11-minutes’ walk away.

 RCDE Stadium renfe access Resultado de imagen de metro barcelona simbolo png Renfe & Metro

The metro station and the area closest to the RCDE Stadium is Cornellà Center (metro L5 and R4 and R7 from Renfe), at a 12-minute walking distance to the stadium. The L5 connects, among others, to the Barcelona Sants AVE train station.

Resultado de imagen de tram logo pngResultado de imagen de logo trambaix png Tram
The nearest tram station to the stadium is Les Aigües-Eroski, at approx. 10 minutes walking distance from the RCDE Stadium. You must take the lines T1 and T2.

 Resultado de imagen de metro png tmb Bus
The lines leading to the RCDE Stadium are 67 and 68. They stop at the Calle Rubió i Ors, about 5 minutes walking distance from the stadium.

RCDE Stadium club bus accessThe Sports Clubs Busses

The Sports Clubs Busses for the followers of the local teams and visitors enjoy special access to the side of the stadium.

RCDE Stadium motorcycle accessMotorcycle
You can park your motorbike in a signposted and exclusive area in the Splau Commercial Center, next to the RCDE Stadium.

 RCDE Stadium car access Car

The exact location of the RCDE Stadium is the Avinguda del Baix Llobregat, 100. If you are coming from Ronda de Dalt , you must take the exit 15. If you come from the Cinturó Litoral - A2, take the exit 609 and then take the S-15 Ronda de Dalt. If you come from the C-245, you will have to take the Cinturó Litoral and then join the Ronda de Dalt. You will have to follow the same procedure from the C32; which leads to Ronda de Dalt. Once you have arrived at the stadium, you can choose between three vehicle-parking areas: The Eroski Shopping Center, with 900 available lots (2,50 euros); the Cornellã Fair parking area, which is accessed from the S-15 Ronda de Dalt; or the Almeda industrial estate, which is also accessed from the S-15 Ronda de Dalt.

Irrespective of the mode of transport you choose, you must bear in mind that you will not be the only one going there and you may traffic jams and queues. We recommend you access the RCDE Stadium well in advance.


CheckAccess to Your Seat

Your ticket to the RCDE Stadium contains the following information:

  • The Espanyol's opponent for the particular match is featured in white letters with a black shading.
  • Zone. Right below the name of the opponent´s team, you will see the area of the RCDE Stadium in your seat is located. There you will be able to see whether you are in the local fan´s or the visitor's section, whether it is a background or preferred section, and which ring (first or circle, second, third or fourth) it is located in. For example, Goal Prat.
  • Gate (Door). The RCDE Stadium has multiple entries along its perimeter, several access doors to the stages from the street level. These are indicated with numbers. For example, 37.
  • Sector. The sector is the area into which all rows of each tribune are divided. As with the doors, they are marked with a number. For example, 209.
  • Row. Each sector of the RCDE Stadium features multiple seat rows. These are identified with numbers. For example, 0001.
  • Seat. The seats are divided into different rows, so that once you have located your row, you will easily locate your seat. As the gates, the sectors and rows, the seats are numbered. For example, 0010.


RCDE Stadium seating plan:

CheckSecurity Norms at the Stadium

When accessing the RCDE Stadium, the following rules and instructions are to be adhered to:

  • The entry with an exhibition of banners or flags with symbols and emblems likely to incite violence or xenophobia and/or contain language or offensive messages is prohibited. Likewise, the entry with flags or banners with large-size sticks. Only small plastic, flexible and hollow sticks are acceptable.
  • The introduction of any type of weapon and object that can be thrown, launched or used as such is forbidden. Anyone who attempts to access the stadium carrying any of these items will be denied access to the stadium. Exceptionally, small folding umbrellas can be accepted.
  • The security staff will not store any object, which has been denied access, so it is advisable not to carry any of those items likely to be barred.
  • The entry and sale of alcoholic beverages to the stadium is prohibited. Likewise, the access of any person considered being under the effects of alcohol and/or drugs is subject to denial of entry.
  • The containers allowed access to the RCDE Stadium must follow the following criteria of volume, weight and rigidity: white plastic bottles, without caps and a volume of not more than 500 ml.
  • It is forbidden to introduce laser pointers, animals and professional photographic and video equipment.
  • The entry with and use of flares, fireworks and pyrotechnic artefacts to the stadium.is prohibited. Additionally, entry with any element likely to cause fires (rolls of toilet paper, for example), is forbidden.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the facilities of the RCDE Stadium.


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