Location and access to Santiago Bernabeu

CheckSantiago Bernabeu Location

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium is located in the nerve centre of the city of Madrid, on the Paseo de la Castellana, in the Chamartín district. The streets Concha Espina, Padre Damián and Rafael Salgado surround the White’s domain. In the vicinity of the stadium are the most emblematic buildings in the capital, which constitute the "Madrid’s Manhattan".

stadium_address_marker Avenida Concha Espina 1, 28036, Madrid - Spain 

After it is remodelled, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium will become a global architectural icon, a futuristic and spectacular sports facility that will stand out and will make the Real Madrid fans and members tremble with emotion and pride. It will be a unique urban stadium in the world, almost space age, with asymmetrical steel façade and a retractable roof. The new home of Real Madrid FC is called upon to awaken sensations and unforgettable experiences.

The stadium is divided in four zones:

  • West stand or Preferencia: located on the Paseo de la Castellana side
  • East stand: on Padre Damián Street
  • North stand: on Rafael Salgado Street
  • South stand: on Concha Espina Avenue

These four areas are divided in turn into six levels: tiered from the bottom (closest to the pitch), grandstand and tiers, three sides and four ends, the fourth tier being the highest sector of the stadium.

Mapa Puertas Santiago Bernabeu

Note: Away section are in the fourth amphitheater on the Fondo Norte zone, entering through Tower D.

 CheckHow to get to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

 stadium_subway Metro 

The nearest station to the Real Madrid stadium bears the same name as Real Madrid’s domain, Santiago Bernabeu, a stop on line 10 of the subway. It is possible to access this line from different points in the capital, since it runs throughout the metropolitan area from the Northern District of Alcorcón to San Sebastián de los Reyes.
Line 10 (dark blue) connects with the most significant metro stations, so it is easy to change lines to get to the stadium without any problems. If for example you are in Atocha, one of the most emblematic places of Madrid, you should take  line 1 to Tribunal and then line 10 to Santiago Bernabeu station. You can’t get lost.

 stadium_buses Bus

If you don’t fancy travelling by the metro, you can get to the Real Madrid FC stadium by bus from various points in the city. You have no less thanseven buses that pass by the Santiago Bernabeu stadium: 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147 and 150.
There are several alternatives to get to the pitch by this means of transport, which allows you to admire the beauty of the capital and the grandeur of this historical sports venue. Give or take a little, all of these buses drop you off practically at the gates of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

stadium_renfe Train

Thanks to the commuter train network, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium is also accessible to those who reside in the towns surrounding the capital. The said means of transportation connects all the towns belonging to Madrid with the city centre.
After getting off the train at the Nuevos Ministerios station, fans have the option of walking to the stadium (8-9 minutes) or taking the metro line 10 towards Santiago Bernabeu. Another possibility is to get off at the Chamartín station and take the bus (line 14 or 150) to get to the stadium.

Santaigo Bernabeu car accessCar

Fans don’t have to worry in the least how to reach the Real Madrid stadium on a match day, since it has an easy access enclosure for both public and private transport.
However, if a large turnout of fans and congestion of vehicular traffic in the vicinity of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium is expected, it is recommended to go there on foot or opt for public transport.
If you go by car, it is advisable to head off towards Santiago Bernabeu with sufficient time and park in adjacent areas, away from the stadium and main roads. To avoid getting exasperated,  and so you may arrive on time to enjoy the Real Madrid fervour, it is  recommended that you walk from the car-park to the entrance of the venue.

CheckAccess to seats

The four areas of the stadium (Preferencia, East, North and South stands) are identified by different colours (blue, purple, green and red respectively), represented by coloured bands at the top of the signs.
There are several directories through the four towers of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium that schematically inform the location of each area.

Find out the meaning of each of the digits that appear in the entrance ticket so you can get to your seat easily once you enter the stadium. 

Your Real Madrid FC entrance ticket includes the following information:

Puerta Santiago BernabeuPuerta (Gate): Gates to get inside the stadium, sectors and seats. 

Vomitorio Santiago BernabeuVomitorio (Vomitorium): Designates the passageway leading to the stands, grandstands and tiers of the stadium, and through which spectators can quickly leave at the end of the match. The vomitoria are identified with a number, thus facilitating access to each of the locations.

Sector: Once you've accessed the vomitoria, before entering the stands, you must go to the sector corresponding to your seat’s locality. Sectors are divided by corridors, so that even numbered seats of each of the sectors seats have odd numbered seats to their left and the right.
Each sector is represented by three figures,  the first number being the one which determines the level of the locality. The remaining two refer to the numbering of the sectors. These examples may be helpful: 1xx high tier, 2xx grandstand 3xx first tier...  Don't worry if you aren’t sure, or you get a little lost inside the stadium, because the club staff will be happy to assist you at all times.

Fila Santiago BernabeuFila (Row): located in the sector, just find the row where your seat is located. If you look, the row is marked on the stairs with a blue plaque.

Asiento (Seat): you only  have to locate your number in the row of seats. Remember that the even numbers are on one side and the odd ones on the other. Once you are there, the time has come to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and experience the football match with thousands of other supporters.

Santiago Bernabeu Seat Map:

Santiago Bernabeu seating map

CheckSafety rules at the entrance to Santiago Bernabeu stadium


The next few lines highlight the regulations that Real Madrid FC apply for accessing sports events organized in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

  • Banners and flags which contain messages, symbols, inscriptions and slogans that promote hate, violence or xenophobia or threaten the people’s dignity are prohibited.
  • Likewise, it is prohibited to access the stadium with prams or pushchairs or other large objects that may obstruct the paths in case of an evacuation.
  • Entering the stadium with microphones or professional television cameras without prior  permission from the club is not allowed.
  • There is no locker service to store belongings at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium facilities. Coming with a forbidden object will mean that the club will deny entrance to the pitch. If you have any objects susceptible of being rejected, it is preferable that you keep them in the hotel rather than having to get rid of them in the vicinity of the stadium.
  • The bringing in of food and drinks (in metal, ceramic, glass, wood or other material containers) whose volume/weight exceed the 500 ml/gr is prohibited.
  • Access to the stadium with alcoholic beverages, narcotic and psychotropic substances is also strictly restricted. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may imply that you are refused entry to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium or expelled for provoking riots once inside.
  • The club allows leaving the stadium and retaining the right to re-enter only once. For security reasons, the re-entry shall be allowed during a break in the match.
  • Those trying to enter, carrying children without their own entrance ticket will be denied access to the stadium. The same measure will be adopted with spectators with reduced mobility who have an entrance ticket which is not one of the areas of the stadium which has been prepared for disabled people.


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