Location and access to Signal Iduna Park

CheckSignal Iduna Park Location

Signal Iduna Park is the  BV Borussia Dortmund stadium. It has Carried this name since 2006 for sponsorship reasons, although originally it was known as Westfalenstadion. This denomination is closely linked to it's location: it's found in Dortmund, a city belonging to the federal state of The kingdom of North-Westfalia, which is to say, to the east of Germany. It is considered a stadium of maximum category by the UEFA and it's 8 suspension towers are already considered part of the iconography of Dortmund city's skyline.  It's directly located in the urban center.  Such a fixture among the city's points-of-interest is it that, according to TripAdvisor, a visit to the stadium is number 1 of 59 must-do-things when visiting  or residing in Dortmund. 

stadium_address_marker Strobelallee 50, 44139 Dortmund - Germany

Signal Iduna Park has capacity for up to 81.000 spectators, reaching this capacity after numerous renovating upgrades along its nearly half-a-century's existence. The stadium is the largest football stadium in all of Germany. Additionally, among its characteristic features is the existence of its heated playing field as well as its "standing" fans stand from all across the European continent. Among the events most strongly characterizing the decades of this playing-field's history would be the 1974 World cup (which impulsed the stadium's inauguration), the UEFA 2000-2001 Cup Final, and the 2006 World Cup. Signa Park offers 3450 eating and drinking establishments (of which the entrance to the stadium with food or beverages is not-permitted).  Included in the stadium is a club for children and a museum displaying the major trophies awarded to BV Borussia Dortmund along its long history. 

CheckHow to get to the Signal Iduna Park

Below are the indications visitors should when arriving at Signal Iduna Park Stadium, depending on mode of transport:

Signal Iduna Park car access By car

When coming from the north, visitors should take motorway A1 toward Kreuz Dortmund-Unna, A44/B1 Richtung Dortmund. If arriving from the east, take motorway A2 until Kreuz Dortmund-Nordost, B236 Richtung Schwerte/ B1 Richtung Dortmund. If arriving from the south, take the motorway A45 until Kreuz Dortmund-Süd and take exit B54 Richtung Dortmund. If arriving from the west, follow motorway A40 until B1 Richtung Dortmund.     

In the Signal Iduna Park surroundings and those of Westfalenhalle more than 10000 parking places are available, of which all are pay parking. Additionally, visitors arriving by car have the option to use the shuttle service from the university zone of the parking area named Otto-Hahn-Strasse (A45 Ausfhart Eichlinghofen o B1 Ausfahrt Barop).


 In train

Signal Iduna Park offers connections from the east (Berlín, Hannover, Wolfsburg y  Bielefeld) and from the south (Frankfurt, Mainz, Nürnberg, Stuttgart y Múnich) with ICE. Additionally, the IC connection from the north (Bremen y Hamburgo) runs approximately every hour. Simply catch the regional train destined for Signal Iduna Park from the main station or the tramway toward Westfalenhalle/Stadion.

CheckAccess to the seats

Your ticket to see BV Borussia Dortmund in the Signal Iduna Park contains the following information:

First of all visitors can see which teams are disputing the match, in other words, whomever is facing off with BV Borussia Dortmund.

Next, visitors will see whether their ticket corresponds to the lateral east and west or at the north or south ends (this distribution is common to all football stadiums, due to dimensions and typology of the playing field). At Signal Iduna Park VIP tribunes and boxes can be found, and additionally spaces denominated as "standing spaces" for those fans neither needing or wanting to sit down during the match. The Sudtribune, or tribune south, and better known as the "Yellow Wall", is the area of the stadium where the cheering section usually concentrate.

  • Block (block, in german). Each end or lateral is divided into blocks, which come identified by a number. A special attribute of Signal Iduna Park is it's REWE, a family space designed with children up to 14 years old and their chaperones in mind, which is located between blocks 64 y 65. At the south end the blocks numbered 10 to 15 and from 80 to 84; at the north end the blocks numbered, 6, 9, from 60 to 63 and from 70 to 78. On the lateral east, blocks numbering 1 to 4, from 20 to 27, from 30 to 39 and from 65 to 68 are located. On the lateral west visitors can find blocks numbering 5, 6 y 7, from 40 to 56 and from 85 to 89.
  • Row (reihe, in german). Each block is composed of several, numbered rows. For example, row number 5.
  • Seats (platz, in german). Seating at Signal Iduna Park is ordered by number. Six different categories exist based on localization and price. Seats for under 18 year olds and physically challenged are also offered. 

CheckSafety regulations for access to the Signal Iduna Park

Regulation at Signal Iduna Park is very extensive, so the following security regulations and protocols are to be given special attention:

Security personnel, such as police, are authorized to enforce stadium regulations and act in case that any spectator behavior poses a security risk due to consumption of either drugs or alcohol, or due to the possession of either weapons, dangerous objects, or flammable materials. This inspection control places special emphasis on clothing, including shoes, and accessories such as bags or backpacks.

Spectators are strictly prohibited from carrying or utilizing the following objects in Signal Iduna Park:

  • Any such article containing racist, discriminatory, xenophobic, violent, and/or political. This restriction also includes articles or clothing with motifs pertaining to Borussenfront, HoGesa, Consdaple, Thor Steinar, etc.
  • Arms or objects capable of being used to strike, injure, or maim and any object which could be used as a projectile weapon.
  • Cans containing gas, combustible, paint, corrosive substances and/or flammable etc. and those which could pose a health risk. The same reasoning applies to glass bottles, plastic bottles and cups or similar objects fabricated with resistant materials which can be fragmented.
  • Elements of medium or large volume, such as chairs, step ladders, suitcases, cushions, baby carriages, and walkers. In the case of visitors using wheel chairs, access to the blocks numbered 3 and 6 offer access.
  • Pyrotechnic devices, torches, fireworks, flammable powder, smoke bombs and their ignition pistols.
  • Banners or flags exceeding 1.5 metres in length.
  • Food and drink of any type including all narcotics.
  • Electronic or mechanical noisemakers, laser pointers, cameras or photographic equipment (introduced with the intention of obtaining images or recordings to be distributed posteriorly for commercial publication) and the corresponding accessories.
  • Visitors are prohibited from access to all of the south area stand of the Signal Iduna Park when dressed in uniforms of the opposing team. Inversely, BV Borussia Dortmund fans are prohibited from accessing the area for fans of the visiting team (Nord, N/O) when dressed in BVB regalia.