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  • Information about Arsenal de Sarandi:

    Arsenal Fútbol Club, also known as Arsenal de Sarandí or simply Arsenal, is an argentinian football team that is located in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.
    Arsenal was founded 11 January, 1957 and actually plays in argentinian First Division. Great players such as Carlos David Ruiz, Roberto Manuel Luque and Pedro Pablo Dudzick wore the light-blue and red shirt.
    The glorious decade was since 2004 until 2014. Many titles Arsenal de Sarandí made, including 3 Sudamerican Cup and 1 Libertadores Cup.
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  • Information about Julio Humberto Grondona:

    The Julio Humberto Grondona Stadium is in Sarandí, Buenos Aires, since August 22, 1964. Grondona was a former president of AFA. Now the president of the club is his son: Julio Ricardo Grondona.
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