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  • Information about Avai FC:

    Avai FC is a Brazilian football team based in Florianopolis. The club has been founded in 1923 and its colors are blue and white. Although he has played in Serie A, he is now participating in Serie B. 
    Avai FC's greatest rival is Figueirense. You can see that game and many more if you contact Football Host and buy your tickets. Ask for the full experience with a local fan. 

  • Information about Aderbal Ramos da Silva stadium:

    The Aderbal Ramos da Silva Stadium was inaugurated in 1983 in the city of Florianópolis. The stadium is known as Ressacada and has a capacity for 19,000 people. 
    Buy your tickets to see an Avai FC match and live the experience with a fan, who will lead you to share the preview of the match, the match and the post.

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