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  • Information about Blackburn:

    Blackburn Rovers Football Club was founded in 1875 and currently plays in the English League Football Championship, England's second division. Although he has 3 first division championships to his credit. 
    Great players have used the blue and white jersey. Some were: Simon Garner, Tommy Briggs and Alan Shearer. Buy your tickets to see Blackburn and enjoy a unique experience with a local fan. 

  • Information about Ewood Park Stadium:

    Ewood Park is the stadium where Blackburn Rovers have played at home since 1890. The stadium is located in Lancashire and has a capacity of more than 31,000 spectators.
     Get your tickets to see Blackburn and live an unforgettable experience with one of their fans, which will take you to experience the preview, the match and the post like one of the fans.

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