• Information about Porto:

    Porto is a beautiful coastal city in Portugal, located in the north of the country. Although it has several historical monuments and its center has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, in recent years it has been modernized. It has the longest metro in Portugal and a large international airport.
    Porto has a rivalry with Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, because they consider that the coastal city has a "British air", due to the settlement of a significant number of English.
    The most famous dish of the place is the francesinha, a sandwich of meat, cheese and sauce, while the most typical drink bears the name of the place: port wine, a local product that is imported all over the world.
    In the country of Cristiano Ronaldo, football is breathed in every city. Futbol Club Porto plays in the First Division and its stadium has been the home of the Portugal football team on several occasions. Also in Porto is the Boavista Futebol Clube, very relevant to those who live there, as are other smaller clubs that are also important on a social level.
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