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  • Information about SSC Bari:

    Società Sportiva Calcio Bari, simply known as SSC Bari, is an italian football club that is playing in Serie B. 
    The club was founded in 1908 and refounded in 1928 and 2018. SSC Bari is the most successful in the Apulia area of Italy, because could turn between series A and B over the years.
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  • Information about Stadio San Nicola:

    The Stadio San Nicola was built and opened in 1990 for the FIFA World Cup. The stadium has a capacity for 58.270 spectators and belongs to the Municipality of Bari.
    Is the fourth largest stadium in Italy and also has a particularity on its design: resembles a flower with 26 "petals".
    No doubts, is a great place to visit if you are in Bari. Choose your match, choose your host and buy your SSC Bari tickets.

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