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  • Information about Stade Brestois:

    The Stade Brestois 29 is a french football club that was founded in 1950, in the city of Brest. But only since 1979, Stade Brestois got the chance to play in First Divion.
    The best decade of the Stade Bretois was between 1981 and 1991,when great international players where part of the team. The argentinians José Luis Brown and Jorge Higuaín, took an important role of the white and red team.
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  • Information about Francis-Le Blé stadium:

    The Francis-Le Blé stadium is a multi-use stadium that is located in Brest. Is not very big, has a capacity for 15.000 fans.
    The stadium was built on 1922, before the club creation. Many years later, became the Stade Brestois stadium and in 2010 has a remodelation.
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