• The biggest neighborhood classic in the world

    Huracán and San Lorenzo will play a new edition of "the biggest neighborhood classic in the world" on March 5, 2023. Football Host can take you to the stands of the magical Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium, an emblematic place that dresses up when the Globo and the Cuervo face each other.
  • The passion is back

    The best previews, the most original songs, the most passionate fans... the ball rolls on the Argentine courts, and Football Host launches into the green with a daring prognosis. Can Boca be champion? Is it time for Racing? What do we expect from River Plate? Which teams will be able to surprise and choose to take the league title?

  • Huracan record fan

    Gonzalo is undoubtedly a great Huracan's fan because he not only follows the team everywhere, also holds the record of being the fan with the largest shirts collection of the red and white club.