• Tickets to see Napoli, as D10S commands

    Napoli is in fashion, if there is no catastrophe, it is only a matter of time before the scudetto arrives, after a long time. We are going to tell you why it is worth buying tickets to go see Napoli. At the end of 2022 Boca Juniors emerged champion, the success of Xeneize was joined by Argentina's triumph in the World Cup.

    In Napoli, it seems that the fans will also come out to celebrate, at least, the scudetto. Two years after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, everything seems to be going as D10s commands.

  • The biggest neighborhood classic in the world

    Huracán and San Lorenzo will play a new edition of "the biggest neighborhood classic in the world" on March 5, 2023. Football Host can take you to the stands of the magical Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium, an emblematic place that dresses up when the Globo and the Cuervo face each other.
  • The passion is back

    The best previews, the most original songs, the most passionate fans... the ball rolls on the Argentine courts, and Football Host launches into the green with a daring prognosis. Can Boca be champion? Is it time for Racing? What do we expect from River Plate? Which teams will be able to surprise and choose to take the league title?

  • This is how you live a World Cup in Argentina

    Testimony of an argentinian fan: "I'm a woman, I'm a mother of girls, I don't watch football, I don't play it and surely I still don't know some rules. But I am Argentine and every 4 years I am invaded by a passion that is difficult to explain".
  • Argentine passion and illusion

    The World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner, and although the Argentine team is always one of the candidates, this time it comes with full con...
  • Sarmiento and the spirit of Pancho

    If you are interested in buying Sarmiento de Junin tickets, with Pancho you will be able to live a very complete experience and get to know first hand how is a matchday of El Verde.
  • Una experiencia Monumental

    ¿Quieres ser millonario? Hernán Gómez, nuestro host de River Plate, te acompaña al templo de River, el majestuoso Monumental, para que disfrutes del ambiente que acostumbran a ofrecer los Borrachos del Tablón y el resto de hinchas millonarios.
  • Fernet and Vélez

    With Carol and Federico you will enter the Vélez court in good company and with a taste of Fernet. Do not overdo it with the drink that Argentines like so much that you have to give everything to support this glorious Argentine team.
  • Singing among devils

    Uno de los clubes más laureados de Argentina es el histórico Club Atlético Independiente de Avellaneda. La atmósfera roja del estadio del diablo impacta y emociona. Su cancha la conoce desde su niñez nuestro host Leon, un hincha del CAI con el que disfrutarás de una de las mejores experiencia de fútbol argentino.
  • Racing in the heart

    With the classic Racing vs Independiente more than recent, we have thought it appropriate to dedicate this post to one of the oldest teams in the Superliga Argentina that was also the first Argentine club to proclaim world champion. We talked about the Racing Club of Avellaneda, considered one of the 5 greats of Argentine football.